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Bug Country 99.7 & 101.1 is honoring our first-ever Community Service Person Of The Year!

The winner is WALTER TOMASIK, who will receive a plaque and $100 for his favorite charity.  Here's Walter's story: 

Walter Tomasik (9/13/51) Graduated 1969, Holland Patent, NY. Just some life accomplishments listed in short form from 1969-2017. US Air Force--Registered nurse--with many great leadership positions--Re-entered reserves-- Griffiss AFB (nursing) back to college to receive his NYS Funeral Directors license--called to active duty--desert shield/desert storm--returned back home to nursing--all while being a Professional photographer--just recently retired from nursing and working for Autenrith Funeral Home, Newport NY--became a Certified Celebrant 6/17--with the purpose of helping families cope with death. Walter has spent his life caring for and giving to human kind everywhere he has ever been in his life. He volunteers at his church--fund raises for Relay For Life--cemetery volunteer, bake sales--attends about every fund raiser/dinner/breakfast--near and far to benefit those in need. He judges absolutely no one! There is not enough word space here or adjectives to explain what an incredible service this man really feels he is here on this Earth for and is always giving back in and out of his community. Walter is respectful--giving--kind--thoughtful and generous to many needing families, charities, and organizations. I am sure that I am leaving out many things that I do not even know about Walter, as he is not boastful about such. His wife, Jo Ann Tomasik is right by his side every step of the way(Faxton St. Lukes Healthcare). Just a great caring couple that we are happy to call our friends. If you would like a reference I can provide you with one. This person also wanted me to enter Walter to this contest, as she just lost her husband to cancer and they have 3 young girls, he has been great to just sit and listen to her and most important, is how sincere he really is. These kind souls are far and few between. Thank you for reading and your consideration as I know I have not even touched the tip of the iceberg with all his great volunteering over the many years of his life...perhaps his wife could enlighten you.


Thank you, Walter!

Dave Silvers
Dave Silvers
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