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Bachelor & Bachelorette Auction

Come bid on a hunk or hunkette! 

Winners will go on a "date" with the bachelor or bachelorette. 

Part of the date will be provided. 

The public is welcome. $5 admission. 

All proceeds benefit Pause 4 All Paws, an all-volunteer, 501c3 foster-based animal rescue group, which does search & rescue on lost animals in our area. Many times, out in intense summer heat or frigid winter temperatures, for hours at a time, multiple times in a week.

Basket raffles, 50-50, music & fun! Then stick around after the After Party and hot country music by Whiskey Creek!

Hosted by Bug Country's Brittany Lee & Dave Silvers.


Here are the bachelors and bachelorettes up for bidding.

Info. on each is below their pictures.


Nick Howe  Age:  31  Occupation: MetLife Insurance   Hometown: Rome
 Nick showed up at last year's auction as a bidder, not a biddee, so he's changed it up this year. He's iinto snowmobiling, hunting, cooking, customizing (what, we don't know), bonfires, movies, shopping (YES, shoppping!), and getting lost with JUST enough gas to get back. Nick says his perfect date would be at the shooting range--but don't let that scare you off.  Favorite food is anything that's not crazy spicy.



Heath Williams   Age: 43  Occupation: Owner/Operator of Rustic Ties   Hometown: Dolgeville
Heath likes traveling around the world and going to concerts and live shows. he describes himself as smart, funny and driven -- maybe that's why a perfect date to him would start off with a nice dinner and end with a game of Twister! His celebrity crush is Jennifer Aniston. Born and raised in Dolgeville, he's lived in South Carolina and Florida the last 22 years. He can tie a cherry stem with his tongue, also likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. I'm not much into health food, I am into chicken wings!

Matt Howe  Age: 23  Occupation: Landscaper/Bug Country Board Operator
Matt is your classic nice, sweet guy. He's a Jack of all trades, having worked in many different industries, holding down several jobs at once from an early age. Currently, he is concentrating on landscaping and is our resident Board Operator at Bug Country. Matt is definitely a dog lover, with two of his own (Tito and Brutus) and you ladies will be happy to know that Matt is a boxers kind of guy. An outdoorsy guy, he likes to go camping, hiking, and swimming, and is up for just about any adventure you'd like to throw his way! His hero is his mom (awww) and while he says that he's a man of MANY trades, he doesn't want to brag...LOL. Bid on Matt for a great date filled with fun and good conversation!

Nicole Murdoch  Age: 22  Occupation: Private Care Companion
 Nicole's occupation alone proves that she is a beautiful girl both inside and out. She loves all animals, but is definitely a dog lover. She enjoys the outdoors and also loves reading, knitting, and anything crafty. Her first kiss took place at around the age of 10 with her fishing buddy, who she says was NOT ready for that LOL. Her hero is her grandma and her favorite date is a nice dinner and a field under the stars. Bid on sweet and sassy Nicole for a fun date with a beautiful sweetheart!

Sarah Franchi  Age: 28  Occupation: QC Micro Analyst
Beautiful, sweet Sarah is a dream. She's pretty, compassionate, smart, and she knows her way around a laboratory. A HUGE animal lover, Sarah has 3 dogs and a cat at home, and jumped at the chance to help the animals. She loves the outdoors, no matter what the season. You can find her kayaking and paddle boarding in the summer, skiing and snow boarding in the winter, or riding motorcycles Spring through Fall. Sarah's celebrity crush...well, that's a toss up between Scott Eastwood and Chris Evans. Her hero is Steve Irwin. And as if all of this doesn't tell you enough about Sarah...she won 3rd place at the Syracuse Nationals Pin Up Contest last summer!


Kenny Hallock  Age: 30  Occupation: Manager at Pizza Boys
 Kenny is an all-around great guy. He's family-oriented, likes his job, and is a dog lover. He loves spending time with his kids and going to the gym. So if you're looking for a gym partner ladies, look no further. Kenny's celebrity crush is Jessica Alba and his idea of a perfect date is a candlelight dinner with good wine and great conversation. Sounds great to us! His hero is his mom and he's a sucker for Italian and Chinese food. You definitely can't go wrong if you win a date with Kenny!

Vince Stefan  Age: 25  Occupation: Student Athlete
 Vince plays hockey for the Utica College Pioneers. He loves hunting, fishing, traveling, photography, Italian food, and dogs (his dog, Ella, is pictured), but not necessarily in that order. Vince is a family man--his hometown is Pittsburgh-- and he considers his parents as his hero. His perfect date would be a simple night consisting of a nice dinner and an activity or movie. He can cook, too! His celebrity crush is Blake Lively. Go UC! Bid on Vince!

Mick Ross  Age: 28  Occupation: Rock Star, guitar player for Jennie and the Buckshot 5
OK ladies...who wants their very own musician? Mick's got it all...good looks, he's sweet and kind, AND he's a rock star to boot! Mick doesn't have any pets of his own right now, but he's a definite animal lover, especially dogs. Some of Mick's favorite ways to relax? Spending time with friends, bonfires, hunting, and fishing. He also loves snowboarding, live music, and of course -- playing guitar. His celebrity crush is Hayley Williams from Paramore, and Mick is a boxers kind of guy. We don't think it gets much better than Mick, ladies! Bid high for an evening with our musician, Mick!

Brittany Lee  Age:  47  Occupation: Middays on Bug Country 99.7 & 101.1
Yup, she put herself up for the bidding! Brittany Lee has been with Bug Country for over a year. She's heard weekdays, 10am-3pm and Saturdays Noon till 6. With 5 pets at home (Jack the dog and 4 cats), it's an understatement to just say she's an animal lover. Brittany volunteers and helps with several animals rescues and other charities in much of her spare time. She also loves travel, kayaking, camping, fishing, reading, lots of paranormal stuff, shooting, and even zip lining! Food? Pretty much any, except fish! She's half Irish and half Lebanese and her favorite foods are Lebanese and Mexican. Favorite restaurants include Zeina's Cafe, Michael T's, and Pedro's Kitchen. Things not generally known about her: she's an ordained minister, and can perform marriage ceremonies and baptisms. Has a concealed carry permit and owns a rifle and a handgun.


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