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Accessing Benefits To Help Pay For Care

2:00PM 4:00PM

Presented by Donna H. Sweeney Founder and Sr. Advocate at ElderNet. Reception immediately following presentation in addition tours of "The Villas" and "Clare Bridge" will be given. To Register for this presentation, Please contact Megan Khashman at (315)-853-1224. RSVP by April 1st. Location: Dining Room at: The Villas Sherman Brook 99 Brookside Drive Clinton, NY

Hinduism Expert to Lecture at Hamilton College

4:10PM 6:00PM

Hansmann Lecture: “The Political Framework of Gender in the Kamasutra” by Wendy Doniger, the Mircea Eliade Distinguished Service Professor of the History of Religions at the University of Chicago’s Divinity School. Doniger also holds positions in the Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations and the Committee on Social Thought at Chicago. Doniger holds Ph.Ds. from Harvard University and Oxford University. Her research and teaching focus on translating, interpreting and comparing elements of Hinduism through modern contexts of gender, sexuality and identity. Her studies in mythology address themes in cross-cultural expanses, such as death, dreams, evil, horses, sex and women; her research in Hinduism covers a broad spectrum that, in addition to mythology, considers literature, law, gender and zoology. Doniger has written more than 30 books in her career, and many have met critical acclaim. Her most recent works include The Hindus: An Alternative History and The Implied Spider: Politics and Theology in Myth. The Hansmann Lecture is part of Hamilton College’s Humanities Forum, a series of lectures, galleries and activities that engage participants in a specific domain of the humanities. The theme for the 2011-2013 Forum is “The Problems and Promises of Translation.” The Forum explores differences across various languages, cultures, times and artistic mediums—and how our translation, our bridging of these discrepancies, leads to social transformation. FREE Kennedy Auditorium in the Taylor Science Center at Hamilton College